9.Hooochie ;)(non-registered)
Hello dougie...you see...i visit your website...i will check it out now :)
8.Joanne Snyder(non-registered)
7.Sharon Stone(non-registered)
Haven't seen you in many years old friend,I think in Hawaii 73 or 74. Love you work, keep it coming!! Sharon
6.Kurt Douglas(non-registered)
I think I read an article about your induction into East coast Surfing hall of fame. Great article and you are very humble about your work. WOuld love to read your whole bio once you get it posted.
Killer shots!
4.P. J. Olesek(non-registered)
Love these! Look forward to seeing more soon! Are you the same Doug Waters, photographer, I recently read an article about in East Coast Surf mag?
3.Brian and Maryann Hood(non-registered)
Love your work!
The photos are great. How do we order copies?
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